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                                                                                                     Marketing Tool                                                                   
                                                                WHATSAPP ON UNLIMITED NUMBERS & PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS

To promote your business you need contact numbers so that you can share your
whatsapp Grp links to the customers/sellers

You have two options


Either By Group Grabber-You can join someone's whatsapp groups from facebook and
can send bulk messages to their group members in one click by using Group  Grabber


If you dont want to join someone's Group then you can easily target your clients
Citywise/Countrywise without joining someone's groups  


How It Works

1. How To Send Bulk Msg on Whatsapp Through Group Grabber

2. How To Target Citywise/Countrywise To Get Clients/Resellers

2.1 How To Send Bulk Msg on Whatsapp Manually/Excel Sheet

3 Software Setting Options

4. Important Points

5. Subscribe

1. Send your Grp Links Thru Group Grabber